With KONTAKT 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. It’s a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more. The next generation of the world’s favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood – so you can layer, link, stretch, and shape your sounds any way you can imagine.ted interface, with an integrated wavetable editor for creating your own unique wavetable sets.

    “ ARM, Monterey and Windows 11 compatibility, new bass amps, bug fixes.
    FIXED Kontakt is now native ARM compatible
    FIXED Kontakt is now macOS Monterey compatible
    FIXED Kontakt is now Windows 11 compatible
    CHANGED Minimum supported macOS version is now 10.14
    CHANGED Minimum supported Windows version is now Windows 10
    IMPROVED Show replace Multi dialog setting is now replaced by a new preference option
    ADDED There are now two new amplifiers (Bass Invader and Bass Pro)
    FIXED Kontakt VST3 could crash loading instruments with very long host automation names
    FIXED Memory was not released correctly in VST3 under certain conditions
    FIXED Replika in Ping-Pong mode would not initialise recalled parameters correctly since Kontakt 6.6.1
    FIXED Replika in bus effects slots would not follow tempo changes
    FIXED Plate Reverb would incorrectly recall in stereo when saved in mono
    FIXED Lo-Fi Noise parameter would lose realtime control after modulating SR or Bits params
    FIXED 3×2 Filter gain knob would not allow text input
    FIXED Modulation in the Phasis effect was behaving incorrectly
    FIXED Automation could not be dragged to UI elements beyond 512th instance
    FIXED Step modulator can now have all of its 32 steps modulated
    FIXED All Convolution factory presets have been updated to zero latency mode
    FIXED Number of zones in Expert tab would get cut off when exceeding 9999
    FIXED Quick Load view would obscure the virtual keyboard
    FIXED Long sample paths would get cut off when hovering the sample name in the mapping and wave editors
    FIXED Collection of minor cosmetic GUI fixes
    FIXED Collection of various info pane fixes
    FIXED Factory scripts using note duration set to Bar now work properly in Kontakt standalone
    FIXED Crash when declaring KSP ui_file_selector under certain conditions
    FIXED KSP Saving a string array would add an extra white space
    FIXED KSP Loading a Windows-formatted (CR/LF) NKA file would result in superfluous empty lines
    FIXED “Search for alternative file types” has been set to on by default in the search dialog
    CHANGED Event Inputs and Outputs have been renamed to MIDI Inputs and Outputs in VST3 for consistency
    IMPROVED KSP Snapshot mode 2 and 3 can now be set, allowing to only store persistent KSP variables
    FIXED Factory KSP Script MultiCh Transpose did not retain persistent values
    ADDED New Factory KSP scripts “Alternate Pan Modulation”, “MIDI Latch 6x”, and “Rotate Chords”
    KNOWN ISSUE Creator Tools does not connect when Kontakt is running natively on ARM
    Creator Tools stays on version 1.4.0, but see Known Issue above.”

使用 KONTAKT 6,您可以从各种采样乐器中听起来像军鼓、交响乐团或介于两者之间的任何东西。当你想要它时,它是一个简单的采样器,当你需要更多东西时,它是一个深度声音脚本实验室。世界上most受欢迎的下一代采样平台在后台为您提供了新乐器和新功能 – 因此您可以以任何您可以想象的方式对声音进行分层、链接、拉伸和塑造。ted 界面,带有集成波表编辑器,用于创建您的拥有独特的波表集。

6.7.0 2022-02-14

ARM、Monterey 和 Windows 11 兼容性,新的低音放大器,错误修复。
FIXED Kontakt 现在与 ARM 兼容FIXED Kontakt
现在与 macOS Monterey兼容首选项添加现在有两个新放大器(Bass Invader 和 Bass Pro)修复 Kontakt VST3 可能会崩溃加载具有很长主机自动化名称的乐器修复内存在某些情况下在 VST3 中未正确释放

FIXED Replika 在乒乓模式下无法正确初始化调用的参数,因为 Kontakt 6.6.1
总线效果槽中的 FIXED Replika 不会跟随速度变化
FIXED Plate Reverb 在单声道中保存时会错误地以立体声调用
FIXED Lo-Fi 噪声参数将失去实时控制调制 SR 或位参数后
FIXED 3×2 滤波器增益旋钮不允许文本输入
FIXED 相位效果中的调制行为不正确
FIXED 自动化无法拖动到 511 以外的 UI 元素
FIXED 步进调制器现在可以调制所有 32 步
FIXED 所有卷积工厂预设已更新为零延迟模式
修复专家选项卡中的区域数量超过 9999 时将被切断
修复 快速加载视图会遮盖虚拟键盘
修复 将样本名称悬停在映射和波形编辑器中时,长样本路径将被切断
修复 小型外观 GUI 修复
的集合 已 修复 各种信息窗格修复的集合 已修复
使用持续时间栏的工厂脚本现在速度在 Kontakt 独立中同步
FIXED 在某些条件下声明 KSP file_browser 时崩溃
FIXED KSP 保存字符串数组会添加额外的空格
FIXED KSP 加载 Windows 格式 (CR/LF) NKA 文件会导致多余的空行
FIXED “搜索替代文件类型”已在搜索对话框中默认设置为开启
更改的事件输入和输出已重命名为 VST3 中的 MIDI 输入和输出以保持一致性
改进的 KSP 快照模式 2 和 3 现在可以设置,只允许存储持久 KSP 变量
固定工厂 KSP 脚本 MultiCh Transpose 不保留持久值
添加新工厂KSP 脚本“Alternate Pan Modulation”、“MIDI Latch 6x”和“Rotate Chords”
已知问题 当 Kontakt 在 Windows 上运行或在 ARM Mac 上本机运行时,Creator Tools 无法连接

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